Thursday, September 9, 2010

Prepare for the anxiety attacks now, before your teenager gets their drivers license. Chances are that they will want to spend some time behind the wheel of your car as you worry over their safety and skyrocketing auto insurance premiums. It is statistically proven that teenagers are far more likely to be involved in a collision than any other driver on the road. This makes premiums for teen drivers the highest, which is why you need to search for cheap car insurance quotes. And you can start now with the helpful strategies listed in this article.

First and foremost, you should sign your teen driver up to your policy. It may sound ludicrous to do so, since he or she is statistically likely to bump up your insurance rate. However, it’s cheaper to do so, since you will save money for signing up a new driver to your auto insurance policy. To keep cost down even further, you and your teen should also do the following:

Practice safe driving. This applies to both you and your teen. Your teen may be inexperienced behind the wheel, but keep in mind, too that you are his ultimate role model. Therefore, you should be a living example to how to drive appropriately on the road. The two of you doing this together will help keep your auto insurance bill down even further.

Maintain good grades. Your teen may be going through high school, and you want the best from him or her. And your auto insurance company does, too. Ask whether or not if they have a “good student” discount. It will lower your premium by encourage your student to maintain good grades.

Buy an older and/or used car. Older vehicles are less expensive, which is ideal for your teen to drive. Any expensive vehicles should be driven by you, the experienced driver, since these actions will reduce premium costs.

Have your teen take driver’s education. This course will help teens drive better on the road, and auto insurance companies will give you and your teen a discount, if he or she passes.

Raise the deductible on your policy. Your deductible (out-of-pocket expenses for your claim, before your insurer pays the rest) should be raised to lower your premium.

Drop coverage when your teen goes to college. When your teen goes to college, most likely – unless they commute from home – they will not need to be on your auto insurance plan, if they plan on buying their own auto policy. No matter what though, teens must have an auto insurance policy, since it’s against the law to drive without one.

Shop for another insurer. Perhaps it’s time to switch insurers, if your current provider is giving you a high rate. It will allow you and your teen to find a rate that’s reasonable, especially if the new policy has a great coverage plan.

These strategies will help reduce costs associated with teen driving. Be sure to also question your insurance agent about discounts or other cost-reducing strategies.



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